The main theme of this congress organized and held by the stanbul Association of Science and Academicians is Psychiatry and Psychology. One of the most important factors in making the individual and society healthier is the protection of mental health. The mental health that includes one of the health fields where the individuals and societies are experiencing the most problems today causes serious problems both to the society and individuals. For a peaceful and balanced social life, it is very important that the mood is proper and in place individually and socially. The main themes of psychiatry, psychology and sociology will be discussed in our congress where the requirements to protect both personal and social mental health and to create a structure of higher value for an effective society and in socio-cultural terms for healthier future generations will be put forth and the necessities to remove the problems and creation of solution offers will be addressed. Moreover, in this first meeting of the congress, it will be possible to discuss the sub-concepts of mobbing and violence. The congress will be regularly organized on different dates. We sincerely hope that the congress will be beneficial to all people, especially the scientific world. We already wish all participants, supporters and followers to have a peaceful, useful and effective congress. We would like to thank all the participants who are already in the whole organization, our scientific board, the organization and executive committee and wish everyone welfare and health.


Prof. Dr. Mustafa TALAS

Head of the Congress



Co-heads of the Congress